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Episode 1372: Don't Bring a Log to a Gunfight


All good primitive villages need a shaman. Someone who attempts to read the omens and predict the future, and is proved wrong and pushed into the background by a meddling group of more advanced heroes when they breeze through the area on some adventure or other.

Good idea, making the shaman - the person with potential supernatural powers - the one you upset.


Logray: It is said in the Holy Supplements that the bubble in commodities is causing an oversupply of interest rates. What say you?
C-3PO: Ah, but only if the labour force is rewarded according to capital post-market externalities.
{beat, Logray regards 3PO}
{beat, Ewocs of the village look on with bated breath}
Logray: I see. We speak the same language.
Han: Who are you?
Logray: I am Logray. I consult the models to foresee the future.
Han: Do you see our release any time soon?
Logray: As part of an equitable trade, any time. What commodities do you have to offer?
Han: My charm and intellect!
C-3PO: You're doomed.

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Published: Tuesday, 28 June, 2016; 03:11:01 PDT.
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