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Episode 1187: Hardened Veteran


Ending an adventure with everyone still alive can be, depending on the circumstances:


R2-D2: You make good videos, though, Annie. Your blog must be getting tons of hits.
Leia: I wish.
Luke: Actually, I could help you advertise it. If you want.
C-3PO: Maybe it'll get you more acting leads!
Leia: Sure, I've got nothing to lose. Email me and we can sort it out when I'm back in L.A.
GM: I can drive you to the airport on Thursday. We better wrap up, it's really late.
Luke: Yeah, a school night, too.
C-3PO: I'm not back at school until next week.
GM: I can't believe we powered through this whole adventure in three weeks. And you're all still alive!
Chewbacca: Though Han currently has somewhat limited mobility.
Han: But check out my armour class!

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Published: Thursday, 23 April, 2015; 03:11:11 PDT.
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