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Episode 862: Bugging Out


Paranoia could almost be listed under "Survival Skills" in any standard roleplaying game skill category list.

And apparently, as always, the Extended Universe has an answer as to where those guys they knocked out on board the Falcon went. It comes from the 1981 Star Wars radio adaptation.


Leia: That was a lucky escape.
Han: Lucky?
Leia: We should go straight to the Rebel headquarters. With the Peace Moon data that R2 downloaded, we'll be able to expose the Senate.
R2-D2: {aside} Thank you! Somebody appreciates my data leaching here.
Luke: That's crazy! They'll follow us and then destroy the Rebellion. That thing blew up a whole planet!
Leia: No, that's the good thing about an underpowered old jalopy like this with half-arsed exhaust mufflers.
Leia: Almost no coherent ion signature. They'll never be able to track us. Right, flyboy?
Han: Sounds good to me! Where is this base?
Luke: What if they planted a bug? We shouldn't even be saying this stuff!
Leia: Sheesh, paranoid-boy. Whadda you suggest?
Luke: I'll do the scan myself.
Luke: Now... if only the welcoming party we knocked out had left scanning gear here instead of champagne and leis.
Han: Did we ever take those guys off the ship?

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Published: Tuesday, 26 March, 2013; 03:11:02 PDT.
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