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<     Episode 603: If You Wanna Be My Lava     >

Episode 603: If You Wanna Be My Lava


We're not aware of any spell, short of a Wish, that actually will work here. Doubly so because this isn't a fantasy game.


GM: Padmé, you arrive at Naboo. It's been turned into a volcanic wasteland.
Padmé: Cool!
GM: It's your home planet. Billions of people have died at the hands of the Trade Federation.
Padmé: Can I cast Mass Resurrection?
GM: Um... Are you being sarcastic?
Padmé: Actually, yes.
Padmé: There are bigger things here to worry about.
Padmé: The Trade Federation.
Padmé: And my husband.
C-3PO: And all the poor dinosaur ponies with third degree burns!

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Published: Sunday, 31 July, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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